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Industry 4.0: RPA developer foundation training

This training is designed to walk you through the essentials of UiPath. Covering theoretical concepts as well as hands-on exercises and quizzes, this training will enable you to build a good knowledge of UiPath features and technology.

5 day training
What you'll learn

RPA Introduction

UiPath Introduction

UI Automation

Programming and Data Manipulation

Image and Text Automation

Advanced citrix automation

Excel, PDF, Email Automation


SAP and Terminal Automation

Introduction to Advanced Topics

Variables, Data Types & Control Flow, Data Manipulation

Debugging and exception handling

For Who?
  • Process Owners, Subject Matter Experts, CXOs, Functional Managers, Project & Product Managers, Developers and QA Automation Engineers, F&A/ SCM/ BFSI/ Healthcare/ BPO/ HR/ Etc. professionals
  • Industries
  • Administration, Art, Banking, Bioengineering, Biotechnical, Computers, Construction, Consulting, Customer Service, Education, Engineering, Finance, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Hospitals, Human Resources, Information Systems, Information Technology, Insurance, Law Enforcement, Legal, Logistics, Manufacturing, Media Communication (advertisement, print, radio, TV), Oil and Gas, Plantation, Public Relations, Purchasing, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Quality Testing, Software Development, Supply Chain, Training, etc.