Incorporate AI to make your applications smarter

AI Consulting and Development Services

Symprio’s AI Engineering team is uniquely poised to help your organization realize the potential of Artificial Intelligence to improve your technology product or business process. Artificial Intelligence can be incorporated in a variety of business applications, including transaction processing, security (including detection of fraud or errors), customer support, face recognition, automated support and much more.

We can help you with all the different phases of your AI initiative, starting from ideation/idea phase, model/approach evaluation, model/AI engine training as well as support and enhancements.

Natural Language Understanding (NLU/NLP)

Used to interpret and understand natural language and convert these to intents and entities which can be understood and processed by systems downstream.

Our team has experience with many of available NLP/U tools as well as multiple accelerators to help with mass training, API integrations and more to help you get this up quickly.

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Machine/Deep Learning

Machine Learning learns by recognizing patterns in data/images using a variety of different models to be able to determine and recognize similar/closest pattern to identify “what” something is, even if it is not exactly like what it has seen before.

Machine Learning generally requires a large number of training examples to start reaching high accuracy.

AI Approach

Helping organizations implement Artificial Intelligence into their applications, solutions and processes takes shape differently than in traditional IT implementation projects. Many organizations lack the knowhow and experience to effectively design and deploy AI solutions.

We typically execute an AI project in these 5 phases, but can tailor make or help you with specific areas that you need support in .


Symprio is focused on the South East Asia region ,which represents many challenges in the Artificial Intelligence space, particularly as it comes to NLP/U because many of the languages in this region are not yet supported by the large NLU engines. We bring our local knowhow to find solutions for you!

  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is our main office in Malaysia located in Bangsar South area.
  • Johor Bahru, Malaysia location focuses on supporting clients in Singapore at a more optimal cost structure than Singapore.
  • Singapore sales & support center helps customers directly in Singapore
  • San Jose, California iin the heart of Silicon Valley, where we work with multiple well-known technology companies.
  • Austin, Texas - known as the Silicon Hills, second home to many of the Silicon Valle-based companies such as Facebook, Apple and many others.
Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Outsourced AI Training

Successful artificial intelligence solutions is more about data and continued training, rather than just coding. Machine Learning solutions typically require large data sets up front, whereas NLP/NLU require some samples up front, followed by continued training of the AI engines.

In a typical Natural Language Understanding project there are, ideally, samples which can be used to train the engine as part of the project. However, those phrases are valuated and mapped, not by technical developers


but by people with strong language and writing skills along with excellent vocabulary, , coupled with social media insight. We focus on English, Malay (Bahasa), Chinese and can also support other languages.

Phrase Verification & Intent Mapping

Symprio can help with phrase evaluation as part of the project, or in a live environment to continue improving the accuracy of the NLU engines running. We have designed and built multiple applications to make the analysis and phrase verification, and even image evaluation, simpler and faster.

It is critical for NLP/NLU-based solution to consider and plan for how the continuous improvement of the engine


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