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Why Incorta? Incorta represents a generational shift in business analytics software providing the business with the tools to quickly be able to access data to gain true insights in to their operations in near real time.

Traditional DW / BI Incorta
Unmatched Performance Minutes Seconds
Implementation Timeline Months Days
Ingest Speed & Refresh Hours Minutes
Data Compression 10TB@source → 30/40 TB 10TB@source → 2/4 TB @Data Store
Hardware Requirements Significant reduced hardware requirements compared to traditional DW / BI applications​

Performance never before seen

Using Incorta’s proprietary no-data-warehouse Direct Data Mapping technology the traditional challenges such as complex ETL’s, slow performance when joining large number of records and time consuming refreshes are removed. Reports which in traditional data warehouse technologies would take minutes or even hours to complete can now complete in seconds.

By easily be able to incorporate additional data sources such as ERP, CRM and many others in to Incorta the ability to analyze data and gain new insights in to the information you already have can be realized.

See why some of Fortune 100 companies are moving their data away from the traditional technologies and in to Incorta

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Massive hardware savings

Using compression and Direct Data Mapping technology the hardware requirements can be significantly reduced

Turbocharging Tableau using Incorta

In this example Tableau visualization is being used but with Incorta as the data source

Import data to Incorta from many data sources

Avoiding costly and time consuming ETL (Extract, Transform & Load), new data sources can quickly be imported and modeled within Incorta with frequent refresh cycles allowing business to experience near-real-time analytics.

Allow customers and partners to easily add new data sources via a pluggable data architecture.

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Flexible and faster implementation

Incorta can be installed either in the Cloud or On-Prem and its flexible data access controls allows to create data stores broken down by business groups and departments achieved with inherited application security

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By removing the challenges of implementing traditional BI/Data Warehouse applications the implementation times for Incorta are drastically reduced resulting in significantly lower cost of ownership.

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Analytics and Reporting Solutions for Oracle E-Business Suite

Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) undeniably delivers incredible value to businesses. What Oracle EBS does not offer, however, is a high-performance, quick-to-implement, low maintenance analytics solution that easily combines data from multiple sources.

Until Incorta, companies wanting to analyze data from Oracle EBS chose between two types of tools—neither of which met their integrated, low-cost, self-service analytics requirements.

  • Operational reporting tools—Basic, transaction-focused tools (such as Noetix, Oracle Discoverer, Oracle Hyperion Interactive Reporting, and custom-built SQL solutions
  • OBIEE—Generally deployed in conjunction with a costly data warehouse and requiring ETL

With Incorta, Oracle EBS customers have a new, better option for analyzing and understanding their data. Incorta uniquely:

  • provides out-of-the-box, pre-built dashboards, reports, and KPIs designed specifically for Oracle EBS
  • integrates with many Oracle application concepts—such EBS Flexfields, Chart of Accounts, and Common Dimensions—enabling seamless integration across multiple EBS modules
  • offers pre-packaged schema for many EBS modules, including Financials, Order Management, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain
  • doesn’t require administrators to maintain separate security policies since Incorta inherits application user security configurations from EBS.

Customer Reference

Fortune 10 Company Uses Incorta to Bypass Data Modeling, Deliver Complex Operational Reports in Only Seconds

Industry: Consumer Electronics

Objective: Integrate and analyze data from several critical internal applications while empowering business users to create and modify complex reports on their own.

Why Incorta

  • Deployment completed in only days
  • Easy integration with existing systems, including MongoDB
  • Superior query performance
  • Ability for non-technical users to easily build/modify reports and dashboards
  • Ability to apply custom security model


  • Near real-time reports leveraging integrated data delivered in seconds
  • Significant reduction in required resources and time to deploy
  • Dashboards delivered 80 times faster than predecessors
  • Replacement of custom, legacy reports that degraded transactional system performance
  • Increased dashboard data refreshes, from one per day to nearly 100
  • Richer visualization and insights
  • Complete access to transaction details by authorized users based on security level

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Top Online Image Publishing company Optimizes Supply Chain via Incorta Analytics Integration with Oracle E-Business Suite

Industry: Online Image Publishing

Objective: Reduce inventory-related issues and expenses by better accessing and understanding key supply chain data stored in Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS).

Why Incorta

  • Seamless integration with Oracle EBS
  • Implementation in only six weeks
  • Fast query speeds for vast amounts of complex data
  • Sub-second access to relevant insights


  • Optimized inventory, with fewer stockouts and E&O expenses
  • Streamlined exception management workflows
  • Improved supply chain planning processes
  • Less time spent running manual reports
  • Visibility for executive team into supply chain metrics
  • Strong platform for future analytics needs

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