Chatbot Analytics

To improve chatbot accuracy, customer experience, and the ability for the chatbot to absorb more of the collaboration currently done by people, chatbot analytics is critical. There are a number of platforms which allow you to gain insight into how your Artificial Intelligence is performing and how sessions flow as well as helping you understand the sentiment of your customers. Below are a few options

1. Dashbot

Dashbot offers a large number of key reports and analysis of the chatbot and provides a very simple and fast mechanism to report on when using Facebook Messenger channel. Dashbot also provides an open API which can be used to integrate all messages to/from a chatbot and has all the necessary reports and dashboards related to top messages in/out, funnels/conversation paths, demographics, user audience. In addition Dashbot has some unique features including:

  • Broadcasting to broadcast messages to chatbot users
  • Alerts with ability to offer live agent take-over
  • Live Transcripts
  • Cross-channel dashboard
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Sentiment detection


2. Chatbase (from Google)

Chatbase is a Google product and though it lacks several the features it is very easy and simple to use to be able to analyze and see how your bot is performing and is easily turned on when using Google’s Dialogflow but can also be integrated using open API’s. Chatbase do not have features like broadcasting, live chat and demographics but has all the core analytics features such as overviews, trends and drilldown of all sessions as well as session flow, funnels and user retention history (cohorts).

chatbase-dashboard chatbase-optimize

3. Botanalytics

Botanalytics offers well designed and rich features and is easily integrated with a number of channels including Facebook Messenger, Alexa, Kik, Viber and more. Botanalytics is the most expensive analytics option available but offers rich set of reporting features coupled with easy to use interface and several advanced features.


4. Chat & AI Analytics

At Symprio we deliver chatbots to our customers and due to the lack of some of features and flexibility of some these analytics platforms we built our own platform to be able to provide complete flexibility in chatbot analytics. By incorporating sentiment, customer attributes, AI accuracy and performance we have delivered a unique solution which not only provides flexibility in how to slice & dice available information but enabling new insights in to how your chatbot performs to provide additional insight to find opportunities in crafting a better chatbot. also provides the ability to extract the data in to existing analytics platforms you may already be

below are a few options

using to enable you to incorporate chat data to other information you have from related applications. Connect with us to learn more if may be of interest.

What we do?

Symprio helps customers create engaging and cost effective chatbots to automate customer service, support and more

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By understanding end user behaviors and needs we design a conversatonal flow to engage end users and answer their questions.

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We can design and implement your chatbot on a variety of platforms and AI/NLP solutions coupled with custom intergrations dependent on your needs.

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