Directory of known bots/integrations for Workplace by Facebook

At F8 in April 2017 Facebook announced the release of support for several new integrations as well as support for bots. We believe that bots in combination with Workplace by Facebook can truly change the way companies operate and become a more agile, fast and fun environment to work in. Facebook themselves are already using 100+ bots internally and in my view it is only a matter of time before this takes the enterprise with storm.

As this is fairly new, and at this point there is no official directory or app store for these bots we have put together a list of those we are aware of. If you know of others, please go ahead and drop us a note at and we will go ahead and get this added.

Workplace by Facebook Bot & Integration Directory (draft)

Bot Purpose & note By Who Link
Safety Officer by Service Rocket An app to track employee safety in case of an emergency for example in case of fire, earthquake or other disaster situation. This app will via Workplace coordinate and find out the status of employees. ServiceRocket click here
Custom Fields by ServiceRocket Create custom fields which to People which is integrated with Workplace. These fields are not stored or accessible within Workplace ServiceRocket click here
Org Chart for Workplace Ability to view org chart from Workplace. Given that this is now is available in Workplace itself this may not be so relevant anymore. Not sure if the features are better here ServiceRocket click here

If you have a bot that others can use or if anything is incorrect with those above, please drop as a note at

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