Implementing effective AI for chatbots

Artificial Intelligence Is Here!

AI/NLP Is The Juice That Makes Chatbots Understand The Customer.

We are experienced with a variety of AI/NLP and Machine Learning platforms, and can help build, train and support the AI engines you need to make your chatbot work as effectively as possible.

By recognizing that AI is more than just technology and requires an understanding of the business process and user behavior, Symprio can help you launch, maintain and improve the accuracy of AI to make the chatbots an effective virtual assistant to help your customers.

We help our customers design and structure the AI engines to optimally meet their business needs and minimize misunderstandings and frustrated customers.


AI Orchestration, Training And Mixed Language Processing

The many NLP/AI and Machine Learning options currently on the market each offer strengths and weaknesses with regards to language support, speed and accuracy of learning, cost and features.

Symprio solves this challenge by orchestrating across different AI/NLP or Machine Learning engines to be able to get the best interpretations and sentiments out of messages.

Language support, or the ability to handle mixed language sentences, is still limited when relying on a single AI engine. Our approach overcomes many of these challenges and increases accuracy and customer satisfaction.

AI Phrase Management

It is often misunderstood that AI/NLP is purely a software which is just plugged in and comes with business-specific intelligence right out of the box. However, improving your AI engine’s intelligence to meet specific needs for your organization requires work, effort and continuous monitoring and analysis. That’s where Symprio steps in.

By leveraging the interpretations from multiple AI/NLP engines, and in an easy-to-use interface, business users are able to analyze, validate, improve or change the AI logic, according to their business needs.

Give your AI a head-start by analyzing and training the AI engines through existing data sources, such as live chat sessions, emails, service tickets or other.


Reality Check

Outsource your NLP/NLU Phrase Training

Coding itself does not make artificial intelligence intelligent. AI/NLP engines have some level of intelligence such as synonyms, spelling mistakes, slang, etc. But to make a specific AI engine work for your business it does require actual intelligence (people). As the engines acquire experience over time this effort will be reduced, but typically the chatbot will undergo changes in intents and logic.

With sufficient data and history available before launch, the AI can undergo some level of automated training, but if limited data is available it will require a degree of brute force to create a basic level of AI accuracy prior to launch. After launch, people are still needed to validate/change the Intents determined by the AI engines.

Our AI team, located in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru in Malaysia, with strong native knowledge of English, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), and Malay languages can support your AI training needs.