Robots communicating with human

Communicate with the robot directly

Chatbots together with RPA adds another dimension of automation possibilities

Organizations are adding internal chatbots at a rapid pace to solve and speed up processes involving humans.​

For example, instead of emailing your HR representative for your vacation balance, you simply chat with the HR chatbot, getting your answer instantly.

This saves time, frees up your other employees to focus on more important tasks,and enables the end user to quickly move forward as well.

The Symprio chatbot team helps organizations design, build and train AI-enabled chatbots for both internal enterprise use, as well as customer facing chatbots.

The combination of chatbots and RPA robots can be symbiotic: they can benefit each other and work together to solve and automate problems:

An AI chatbot gets a request from an end user (i.e. vacation balance). The chatbot then triggers an RPA robot to retrieve data from the HR system and respond back to the chatbot, who then responds back to the end user, avoiding having to build any direct API-based integration from the chatbot to the HR system.

An RPA robot processes an invoice and is unable to determine which charge account to use and then chats with an AI chatbot who can respond back with the correct charge account to use. The RPA robot can then proceed with the work.

What we do?

As a UiPath partner Symprio helps organizations automate processes. Whether onsite or from our offshore locations in Malaysia or India our team of certified UiPath experts can help.


Symprio offers a variety of UiPath classes ranging from RPA Overview to Advanced Developer classes onsite or online.

AI Computer Vision

By understanding documents, images or video using Machine Learning, Deep Learning or Natural Language Processing techniques our team of experts can help you automate processes requiring the machine to understand documents or the world around it.

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