Oracle General Ledger Support Automation Demo

Oracle General Ledger Support Automation Demo

In these examples on how we automate the Oracle Production Support process (for R12 eBusiness Suite) we demonstrate how we leverage Robotics Process Automation (RPA) to automate the detection, analysis and resolution of common issues in Oracle applications. In cases where a decision on resolution option or information is missing or incorrect we trigger a Human-in-Loop process.

The monitoring and detection of these issues are executed on a schedule and by going after core common issues within the applications we also avoid the more complex incidents which require additional analysis such as reconciliation issues etc. which typically is actually caused by issues by pending or failed transactions. By automating much of the Oracle support processes issues gets identified quickly, business users provide the missing information or decide on how to resolve the issue which in turn is handed over to robots to resolve the issue in the application. This leaves time for the support organization to focus on more complex issues or improvements to support the business.

Automation Example 1: GL Interface errors with Human-in-Loop process

Detect: In this automation flow the robot detects issues in GL interface based on the error codes

Analyze: Based on the error code the robot also runs through a process to determine the exact cross validation rule which failed

Human-in-Loop: The specific issue is highlighted with the reason for failure and user can get those accounting strings corrected

Resolve: Robot updates with the values provided by the business in to the interface and the journal is imported

In this example without any involvement from the Oracle Support Analyst

Automation Example 2: Automating resolution for journals which failed to reverse

Detect: The robot looks at all journals which were flagged to reverse but for some reason did not reverse automatically

Analyze: Not necessary

Human-in-Loop: Not necessary

Resolve: Robot goes ahead and logs in to the required responsibility in Oracle and launches the necessary programs to reverse the journals

In this example the process is fully automated without any involvement from business or support analyst

Automation Example 3: GL Posting Errors detected by the robot

Detect: Posting errors are detected

Analyze: Robot detects the reason (error code) for the posting error. In this example the resolution is complex and may require setup changes hence assigns this to Support Team for further analysis.

Human-in-Loop: Not necessary

Resolve: Robot creates ServiceNow incident with the required necessary details and assigns to correct team.

Often times issues in the application gets identified only at time of crisis (last minute during month end close). Timely detection of issues in the application avoids this and let’s Support Team ample time to work with business on the required changes.

Symprio Oracle Support Automation Process automates the detection, analysis and resolution for hundreds of common issues faced in Oracle R12 eBusiness Suite and Fusion ERP. We also build custom

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