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Consulting Services

UIPath Certified & experienced architects, business analysts and developers onsite or offshore to help you with all aspects of your automation journey.


UiPath Consulting Services

With offices in San Jose, California, Malaysia, Singapore and India our team of experienced UiPath consultants can help you successfully automate your processes:

  • RPA implementation projects
  • Support your internal RPA COE with expert know-how
  • Onsite and/or offshore model

Onsite/Offshore model

Onsite UiPath Business Analysts supported by experienced UiPath Developers from our RPA Centers of Excellence in Bengaluru, India and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia we provide a cost effective and scalable delivery model.

By leveraging remote desktop software our team are able to simulate, design and build the necessary UiPath flows to automate your processes

Why we partnered with UiPath!

UiPath is widely recognized as the top leader in Robotics Process Automation software. UiPath’s focus on creating a solution with advanced capabilities, coupled with an intuitive, easy to use software, is why UiPath is the best solution in the market today.

Forrester Wave , Q2 2018

UiPath Training

Our UiPath trainers have executed 1000+ hours of UiPath training. We offer a variety of classes ranging from short Executive RPA Overview to Advanced Developer training classes. We can provide UiPath training onsite or alternatively remotely via online video conferencing.

Recent UiPath RPA Developer training class held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
UiPath Business Overview Training

Targeted towards managers, leads, business analysts and CXO’s to gain an understanding on how and which processes UiPath can be used to automate.

Duration: 1 day class or alternatively as a 2-hour executive overview

Prerequisites: None

UiPath Developer Training

UiPath Developer training classes are targeted towards those who will be acting as a RPA Developer Role with foundational to intermediate levels, along with an introduction to advanced topics.

Duration: 2, 3 or 5 day class

Prerequisites: Fundamental concepts of programming. Working experience in Excel, Mail, PDF is a plus

UiPath Advanced Developer Training

The Advanced Developer UiPath training is focused on Orchestrator as well as the as UiPath REFrameWork features.

Duration: 2 or 3 day class

Prerequisites: Developer Training

Discuss with us for customized training classes or for additional details on how we can help deliver UiPath training for your organization. We can be contacted at

From Business Documents to validated data in a business applications

In a typical business process is where business documents such as invoices, applications or others which are processed and entered in to a business application is a typical process automated using UiPath RPA & Cognitive automation.

(1) Initiate involves using UiPath to obtain new transactions which are to be processed such as monitoring an email inbox, shared file folder or logging in to applications to obtain data.

(2) Extract data from the business documents involves either using AI-enabled Computer Vision processes to extract data from pdf files or images or extraction from a data readable document such as Excel, Text or Word.

(3) Data validation is the process of including a process to validate the data prior to execution the data entry to minimize errors and rejected transactions and can be either a stand-alone process or part of the data extraction process.

(4) Data Entry opens up the relevant business application and enters the data in to the system. In case of errors or failures such records are segregated for human review or a modified RPA script to handle such errors.

UiPath RPA on Oracle R12 or Cloud

Symprio, with offices in US, Malaysia, Singapore and India is unique in that we focus on Oracle R12 & Cloud implementations, UiPath Robotics Process Automation as well as AI Computer Vision solutions and Enterprise chatbots to be enable organizations for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Robotics Process Automation for Oracle R12 java forms presents a challenge when trying to execute Robotics Process Automation.

Our team of cross-trained Oracle & UiPath practitioners have solved these challenges and are able to automate processes on Oracle with robust error handling logic built in.

In this example we are demonstrating UiPath with Oracle R12 Accounts Payable invoice entry forms with built in error handling.

More details in this UIPath for R12 Accounts Payable invoice entry blog post

Contact us at to learn more on how we can help automate your Oracle processes using UiPath

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