Improving agility through integrated AI enabled Chatbots and RPA bots with existing Enterprise Applications
Symprio, a leading consulting and development services company with offices in Malaysia, Singapore, USA and India focuses on helping clients achieve maximum business efficiency through process innovation and technology.


About Symprio

At Symprio we are dedicated to solving our clients’ challenges through the use of improved processes and new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Process Automation.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

With our head office based in Silicon Valley, California and with offices in Malaysia, Singapore and India we aim to bring the latest innovative technologies from the Silicon Valley to solve the business challenges our clients face in the thriving South East Asia region.

  • Local Know-How. Whether it is implementations, rollouts or projects for local/regional or global organizations, they all require knowledge of the culture and business practices of the Asia Pacific region. Our team of consultants and technical experts can help make your initiative successful. ​
  • Technology Innovation. We thrive when we get to use new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots or Robotic Process Automation to solve old problems. We leverage the latest tech advances to integrate with traditional business applications such as ERP or CRM to speed up, simplify, and automate business processes. ​
  • Oracle Expertise. Our team of functional and technical Oracle consultants has a wealth of experience and knowledge helping clients from the Asia-Pacific region successfully implement or roll out their Oracle-based solutions.


With one of the largest teams of Oracle consultants based in Malaysia and with offices and partners in many Southeast Asia countries, Symprio can help your organization effectively implement or support your Oracle technology- based processes across Southeast Asia.

Oracle Supply Chain & Financials

With expertise in Robotics Process Automation and Enterprise Chatbots we are able to automate and further simplify the processes for your business. To learn more, go to our Oracle Practice​. ​

  • Southeast Asia and Beyond. Successful Oracle projects depend on the consultants’ knowledge and experience with local culture, conditions, and common business practices. We have implemented Oracle in most Southeast Asian markets including Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia as well as other countries including the USA, Japan, Korea and the EMEA region. ​
  • Functional & Technical Expertise. Oracle projects are about bridging business with technology. Many of our functional Oracle consultants have a strong business background and able to “speak” in business terms whereas our technical Oracle team can quickly build, integrate, or extend applications to solve your business challenges. ​
  • Implementations and Support. We have years of experience in implementations, rollouts, and upgrades and can also provide innovative Application Support from either Malaysia, Singapore, the US, or from our offshore center in Bangalore, India. ​


Over the last few years, the use of AI-enabled chatbots has grown tremendously and is expected to continue to grow, simplifying and automating processes at a scale never seen before! Whether it is within an organization internally or facing outwards to customers or partners, chatbots can make processes simpler than ever before.

Enterprise & Consumer Chatbots

Symprio’s extensive chatbot experience in AI, Chatbot platforms, channels, and analytics can help your organization design, build, launch and support your next chatbot initiative. To learn more, click here.​

  • Chatbot Platforms & Integrations. With so many platforms and options available, choosing the right platform and channels can be confusing. Our chatbot team has in depth experience with most of the platforms available and we understand what you need for custom development to run a chatbot On-Prem. ​
  • Conversational Design. Successful chatbots are much more than technology! We use a conversational flow, designed with the end user in mind, to create easy flows and we develop smart AI to quickly get the user to the answer they are looking for. Our experienced conversational designers can help. ​
  • NLP/NLU. Southeast Asia has a myriad of languages, mixed language and slang/short forms which are used. For NLU this represents a challenge, given that many of the larger NLP platforms have limited support for these local languages. Talk to us about how we can help overcome these challenges to make your chatbot easily understand the end user.

Robotics process Automation (RPA)

The Southeast Asian region is home to many BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and back office support organizations. Robotics Process Automation can quickly deliver automation and reduction in manual processes which increases speed and accuracy. Our RPA consultants are experienced with several of the major RPA tools, including UIPath, BluePrism and WorkFusion and can help your organization benefit from these new technologies. To learn more, click here.​

Automate through RPA​
rpa partners
  • RPA Expertise. An RPA initiative is a bit different than traditional IT projects in that they are more of a program of many small automation projects which need to be properly prioritized and executed. Our team of experienced RPA consultants will help launch, run and execute your RPA initiative. ​
  • AI-enabled RPA. With our experience in both text and image-based Artificial Intelligence, we have the necessary experience to incorporate AI into your RPA processes to more effectively handle inputs from people or image-detected error handling.
  • RPA for Oracle R12. With our unique combination of skill sets, including Oracle ERP and Fusion, we have developed proven, error-handling RPA processes to also execute transactions in Java-based Oracle forms. Talk to us to learn more!

AI Development Services

Artificial Intelligence is part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Our team of experienced engineers and data scientists can help your organization start folding Artificial Intelligence into your processes or applications. ​

Automate through RPA​

We can assist at any stage of the process: from ideation or evaluation, to AI training, deployment and continued support, as well as AI training for improved accuracy. Learn more here.

  • Language Understanding (NLP/NLU). The ability to understand written or spoken language is key for applications which either interact with people, or rely on text written by people, to then know what to do next. Our broad experience with a variety of platforms and challenges can quickly move your applications forward.
  • Machine or Deep Learning. Whether it’s image or text-based, Machine Learning or Deep Learning can be used to recognize patterns. It’s similar to how a brain can easily differentiate between a cat and a dog. Talk with us to see how we can help.
  • AI Projects & Training. The key to successful Artificial Intelligence applications is “intelligent” data. If large amounts of dirty data is loaded, you can expect poor accuracy. We bring our team’s expertise to data cleansing, NLU/P phrase verification & training. We can handle these time-consuming onetime tasks, as well as continued verification and validation for ongoing improvement of your processes.
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