New approach on how to run the Oracle application support function

A refreshing approach to Oracle Application Support

We do not believe in the traditional application support model of creating revenue by avoiding reducing tickets. In addition to Oracle application technical and functional knowledge we focus on working with clients in a model where we work together to improve the performance of support through monitoring, automation, getting users self reliant and prevention.

Proactive Support Model

Reducing user raised tickets through

  • Find & correct issues before end users finds them
  • Automate support processes where possible
  • Help end users be able to solve the problem by themselves
  • Look for preventative measures to avoid the same issue next time

ITIL Service Strategy

Symprio is experienced with providing Application Support following the ITIL Service Strategy to quickly resolve and continue to improve the customer experience.

Whether onsite, nearshore or offshore support model we can help from these locations:
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Johor Bahru, Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Bangalore, India
  • San Jose, California

Detection & Automated Monitoring

By automatically detecting issues within business applications to initiate problem solving before they become a business problem.

By proactive monitoring the business processes will run faster and business users will have a better overall experience resulting in real business value.

We will work with you to identify critical business processes and key areas where challenges historically have been to implement a automated proactive monitoring the overall health of Oracle transactions.

  • Integration errors
  • Transaction errors
  • Delayed transactions
  • Concurrent Request monitoring
  • Transaction Holds

  • Support Automation

    With either automated detected issues or issues raised by business users we aim to automated as many of common problems or user mistakes to speed up the resolution while minimizing the effort by the Application Support team.

    We view this as a continuous process and will continue to analyze tickets to identify, qualify and solution support automation opportunities.

    Symprio is in a unique position where we are focused on Oracle ERP while also working on Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots and RPA (Robotics Process Automation) projects.

    • Enterprise Support Chatbots
    • Robotics Process Automation
    • Automated root cause analysis

    Artificial Intelligence for Level 1 Support

    Using Artificial Intelligence to assess newly logged tickets and routing tickets to the correct team within minutes to reduce the wait times for customers for resolution.

    Self help & continued Training

    Tickets are often created due to the fact that the user was unaware of the process or what to do particularly in complex applications like Oracle ERP.

    By creating and continuously add to the Knowledge Base of Training guides, videos or cheat sheets coupled with communication to improve the knowledge and understanding of business and application processes among the end user community.

    A strong Knowledge Base referenceable by the users to gain a better understanding of Oracle R12 or Cloud as part of a day-to-day continued improvement of knowledge by the user community.

    Every ticket raised caused by user understanding is evaluated against the Knowledge Base and provided to the user for future reference as well as a first attempt to have the end user resolve the issue themselves.

    By evaluating user-caused tickets a communication strategy is defined to share this with the rest of the user community to improve awareness.

    User Guides / Cheat sheets

    User Guides / Cheat sheets


    Prevention & Incremental Improvements

    Continuous hardening

    By carefully categorizing tickets the Support team will identify smaller improvements for repeat issues to either prevent or auto-correct transactions.

    Symprio Internal Knowledge Network

    All Symprio Oracle Application Support team members have access to an extensive team of senior Oracle functional and technical experts which are reachable and encouraged to help with solve specific client challenges.

    What we do?

    Oracle implementation & automation

    Symprio helps organizations implement, support and automate their Oracle processes in Oracle ERP Cloud or R12 eBusiness Suite.

    Asia rollouts

    With offices in Malaysia and Singapore Symprio has implementation & localization experience for all of Southeast Asia

    RPA & Chatbot automation

    As a UiPath partner specializing on Oracle automation as well as our own chatbot platform we focus on automate and simplify Oracle data entry & retrieval as well as support processes.

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