Get more value from your Oracle investments

Oracle Transformation Services​

With offices or close partnerships in Singapore, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia as well as San Jose, California, our team can help you with all functional and technical aspects to help transform your business to run more effectively and comply with local regulations and business practices.

Our team of consultants bring years of business expertise and extensive experience in South East Asia to help you with implementing, roll-outs or upgrades of Oracle ERP and Oracle Fusion.

By combining a mix of consultants with both business and technical backgrounds, backed by senior leadership with experience from large global implementations with 20+ years of experience, we are ready to help organizations improve, standardize, and follow better processes—resulting in improved partner experiences and cost.

Data Center Procurement Planning​

Streamlined procurement planning for multi-billion dollar Data Center asset acquisition by reducing approvals and with effective change management for engineering & price changes. Enabled full end to end PO changes and logical audit for data center assets with serial control.

Asia Experience

Successfully implementing Oracle ERP or Cloud in Asia requires a unique blend of business and application understanding, knowledge of required localizations and business practices, as well as strong negotiation skills to transform business processes into globally leading practices.

Symprio’s team led the project for Amway rolling out in Asia to standardize and improve processes using Oracle R12 for Supply Chain and Finance to all their subsidiaries in Asia impacting more than 5000 business users.​

Oracle implemented in Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand.​

Application Support

From our locations in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru) and India, our team of Oracle functional and technical resources can support your business for Application Support. We prefer to take an approach of proactive monitoring and issue avoidance through continuous improvement and training support.

Proactive monitoring​

Instead of waiting for business to raise tickets for issues, we prefer to take a proactive approach by monitoring the applications for exceptions to get corrected quickly or reaching out to business users for resolution. ​

Continuous improvement​

By analyzing tickets for repeat issues, we look to identify improvement opportunities which can prevent or reduce the number of issues the business faces. We can also support the process of continuous patching to keep the application up-to-date and avoiding large and costly upgrade projects in future.

Training Support​

Follow up with creating short, quick user guides shared to business users for common user mistakes and issues to avoid problems to the greatest extent possible in the future.

From our office in Johor Bahru we can support Singapore Oracle and Fusion customers with Consulting, Application Support and Technical Services.

Robotics Process Automation for Application Support​

Robotics Process Automation is typically used to automate repetitive back-office processes. By leveraging Artificial Intelligence coupled with RPA we can automate some of the Oracle Application Support processes such as: ​

  • Proactive monitoring of integrations or failed transactions​
  • Automated analysis of common issues​
  • Automated ticket assignment based on description to correct team

Technical Services

9-Week Oracle ERP re-implementation​

Symprio’s team of functional and technical consultants reimplemented Oracle with full manufacturing, supply chain and financials for Singapore and Malaysia entities.​

Due to statutory changes the implementation had to be done within a very stringent timeline. Following an extreme agile approach, we designed, built, tested and deployed 25+ conversions and re-implemented 14 modules in to Production in 9 weeks.

Chatbots with Oracle

As in the consumer world, people within organizations increasingly use chat-based applications as part of their daily work. The primary chat platforms used by organizations such as Workplace by Facebook or Skype for Business can now be integrated with Oracle R12 or Cloud to speed up and simplify processes for end users for: approvals, status requests, simple transactions as well as keeping stakeholders informed on the progress of their transactions.

Symprio’s Automation Platform can quickly integrate your Oracle processes with the corporate messaging platform you prefer. Our combined experience with Oracle, combined with our team’s focus on chatbots and Artificial Intelligence, can help get your internal chatbots integrated with Oracle.

Robotics Process Automation with Oracle

Robotics Process Automation can automate many of your standardized Oracle processes, which reduces overall effort and speeds up transaction processing. Symprio recently focused automation on eBusiness Suite R12 processes which has presented some key challenges, due to the Java applets which most Oracle R12 forms run in.

Our approach for solving the challenges with Oracle R12 RPA automation combines Artificial Intelligence, combined with standard RPA tools, to orchestrate processes able to detect problems or errors to enable the process to be a fully unattended and error handled automated processes.

Incorta supercharged analytics for Oracle eBusiness Suite

Incorta is a completely new technology approach to large scale analytics which removes the traditional challenges of analytics such as costly and time-consuming ETL development, performance challenges caused by complex data joins, coupled with a quick ability to add data sources and design near real-time dashboards.

  • Ultra-fast near real time analytics​ ​
  • Pre-built dashboard for Oracle Applications​ ​
  • Fast implementations (no ETL)​ ​
  • Easy to build dashboards​ ​
  • Integrates with many databases and applications​

Talk to us to learn why companies like Shutterfly, Facebook and other Fortune 500 companies are transitioning their analytics from traditional tools to this new technology

Traditional analytics tools require costly and time-consuming ETL maintenance, are typically slow to execute (minutes), and are hardware intensive. Incorta is built using Big Data technologies and through its Direct Data Mapping technology solves the performance issues caused by complex structured relational

See why some of these leading companies are changing to gain better insight in real time:​